Municipality of pembina Valley

Pembina Valley

The Real Pembina Valley

Affordable adventure is closer than we ever thought!

From raptors to crocuses to captivating historical sites, we’ve encountered vast skies and open hospitality. We’ve found new trails to explore, new hills to carve. Campsites within walking distance to the water in summer, chalets by the slopes in winter.

Get into the actual Pembina Valley, where the scenery is breathtaking.

Endlessly outdoorsy, locals are constantly hunting, hiking, fishing, boating, kayaking, snowmobiling, snowboarding… the list goes on!
The Real Pembina Valley
The Real Pembina Valley

Sometimes all you have to do… is open your eyes.

It all started with an autumn hike. The colours, the quiet, and the views! We realized this was the REAL Pembina Valley… and wanted to see more. We were back in winter to ski, obviously. A little less obvious? Snowshoeing. By spring we were full-on birdwatching. And summer found us descending the escarpment to follow the Pembina River… to our new best fishing spot.

Get to know Manitou, Darlingford, La Riviere, Snowflake, and Kaleida

Quiet safe friendly communities, where there’s room to grow.

Located just 15 minutes west of Morden, Manitou is your connection for amenities in the Municipality of Pembina.

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