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subscribe to our newsletter to see our next packages.

Remember your dream of performing on a live stage in front of thousands of screaming fans? The adrenaline rush as you strolled out on a vast open stage with a beautiful guitar in hand.

Classics are always in demand because the quality is high. Quality stands the test of time. We ensure every curated collection that goes out the door is of the highest value so that you can be proud to hang these works of art on your wall.


Each collection of guitars contains two vintage guitars and one custom built for your creative pleasure. We create packages so that you can save money on the original investment and you can enjoy your collection for its beauty and playability.

If Music inspires you, or you just love the idea of owning a piece of history, your investment package is just a step away. With an investment in 3 choice guitars ranging from 7000 to 20000 (generally three guitars) you will enjoy the luxury of the collection while you own it and the liquidity of your investment when you choose to sell.

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