Southern Health-Santé Sud

A vibrant community, a culture of caring
Portage District General Hospital is accepting applications for numerous positions
  •  Full- and part-time, in a variety of shift patterns for a flexible schedule.
  • Careers in surgical, obstetrics, medicine, pediatrics, rehabilitation, emergency, special care unit, operating room, post-anesthesia care, same day surgery, chemotherapy, dialysis
  • Opportunities to work to a full scope of practice in adult and child health advanced practice transport teams.
  • Ongoing mentorship programs to serve professional development and well-being.

Committed to providing expert services based on core values of integrity, compassion, and respect, Portage District General Hospital, serving Portage la Prairie, Manitoba and vicinity hires:

  • Environmental Services: Assistant Managers / Laundry Aides / Housekeeping Aides / Managers
  • Nursing: Registered Nurses / Registered Psychiatric Nurses / Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Rehabilitation Services: Audiologists / Occupational Therapists / Physiotherapists / Speech Language Pathologists
  • Personal Care Services: Health Care Aides
  • Pharmacy Services: Pharmacists / Pharmacy Technicians / Pharmacy Assistants
  • Nutrition & Food Services: Cooks / Dietary Aides / Managers / Site Coordinators

And much more…

Cultural healing practices are at the heart of the care provided at Portage District General Hospital. Supporting more than 50,000 people in and around Portage la Prairie and four nearby First Nation communities, each of the hospital and two adjacent personal care homes offer Indigenous support services in addition to state-of-the-art acute care. It’s a unique workplace for building your career, whether you’re experienced in your field or just starting out. A new hospital will be unveiled in 2025! Bilingual applicants are always welcome. Continuing Education assistance is available, and future graduates will want to take advantage of the Student Incentive Grant.
Portage la Prairie is the home of Island Park – the famous, in-city island. Residents can also take advantage of the enormous Splash Island Waterpark, an 18-hole golf course, and the world-class Delta Beach on the southern shore of Lake Manitoba. This is an affordable region to buy a home and raise a family, and with Winnipeg just 45 minutes away you’re never far from all the amenities of the big city, including the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets.
Feel free to browse Portage District General Hospital’s job openings, or simply send an application to
Facility tours are available to prospective nursing and allied health professionals.
For more information about the hospital, the community, tours, employee benefits, and compensation, please fill out the form.

Southern Health-Santé Sud is committed to having a workforce that is reflective of the diverse nature of the communities we serve.

Creating a respectful culture that value diversity, which allows all employees to work productively.

We believe that workforce equity and diversity fosters mutual respect and understanding and created a healthy workplace.

FYI – Portage District General Hospital
  • Ambulatory care services
  • A permanent staff of Indigenous Support Workers
  • Cultural resources including language interpretation, Indigenous spiritual care, and smudging ceremonies
  • Critical care (ER/SCU)
  • Cancer care
  • Day surgery
  • Dialysis
  • Home care
  • Laboratory
  • Mental health
  • Obstetrics
  • Extended Treatment/Rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation Services Occupational Therapy / Physiotherapy / Speech Language / Audiology
  • Surgery
  • Pediatric medicine
We hope you join us!