Podcasting made easy.

You supply the voice, we supply everything else — concept, production, promotion, and monetization opportunities.

Podcasting solutions from novice to pro.

Golden West broadcasting has been in the audio game for over sixty years. Get access to production tools, audience, and monetization network to solve any podcasting challenge.

Get listed on the top directories.

List your podcast in Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts, and more. Plus, join our homegrown directory, Podcastville.ca and grow an audience right in your own backyard.

Bring your podcast to life.

Develop your ideas and turn them into a podcast with guidance from our audio and creative experts. Nail down everything from concept to marketing strategy.

Produce your podcast.

Rent or buy professional podcasting equipment from us for your home studio. Or come into one of our many studios across the prairies and take your content to the next level with your very own producer.

Easily create & publish episodes.

All it takes is a few simple steps to publish an episode. Upload your audio file into the Golden West podcasting app, name the episode and schedule it for when you want it to go live.

Promote your podcast.

Advertise your podcast on radio and online through Golden West’s broadcasting and digital marketing properties. Reach hundreds of thousands of listeners daily with your podcast and expand your reach with additional marketing support from Homefield.

Start making money.

Golden West’s vast advertising network is keen to promote their business through our podcasters. We’ll monetize your podcast by matching advertisers to your content.

Measure your success.

Get to know your podcast listeners. Track stats like your total downloads over time, which apps listeners are tuning in on, where people are listening to your podcast, and a whole bunch more.