HyLife is the largest fully integrated pork exporter in Canada, employing around 1000 technicians and nearly 3500 employees companywide.

Right now, we’re looking for full-time Swine Technicians to join our large and diverse team in Southern Manitoba! You’ll start at over $16 an hour, and will have the opportunity to qualify for performance bonuses of up to an additional $2 an hour.

At HyLife, Swine Technicians work with our animals to provide gentle care and improve quality of life. As part of the team, you will have the opportunity to assist in some of many areas at our barn sites. This includes carrying out feeding programs, transportation preparation, recognizing and treating potential animal health issues, maintaining records, and performing general labour and farm duties. HyLife provides premium pork products to global customers, and the care our Swine Technicians take ensures consistent levels of dignity, quality, and respect.

We are an equal opportunity employer providing great community support, workplace culture, and excellent benefits and internal opportunities, including regular leisure and team-building activities. We value every employee in every step of production, which is why we ensure all our employees have the opportunity to see the finished product that they had a hand in building and creating.

This is a manual labour position requiring you to work with all aspects of swine production. It is a consistent, year-round position in a sheltered location.

No previous experience is required. Apply today for a position in your area and start building your career!


Open to Canadian residents only