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Evolve Green is an alternative energy solar company headquartered in Marchand, Manitoba, serving homeowners and businesses across the province.

Owner Lorena Mitchell, an expert in renewable energy, founded the business in 2008. As the cost of non-renewable resources continues to increase over the next few years, Evolve Green will be leading the renewable energy sector in Manitoba to help our customers save money and reduce emissions.

Our solar energy solutions can mitigate your energy costs. With the federal Greener Home Program, homeowners can receive an unsecured loan for up to $40,000 that is interest free over 10 years, a $5000 renewable energy grant, or a $600 energy evaluation grant.

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Why Evolve Green?
We’re passionate about the environment, and want to make it easier for others to introduce environmentally friendly practices into their lives at a price they can manage. We offer a seamless quoting experience and total solution solar packages, ready to install, for most major home resources. On-grid and off-grid options are available.
Why solar panels?
Solar energy gives you power when you need it, without the huge bill increase. They offer virtually soundless power and offer a quick transition from electricity to solar power when activated. It is durable, long-lasting, and will help secure your energy future by giving you power when you need it!

Back-up generators come in various sizes that will automatically regulate power in case of an emergency electricity outage.

How much will I save with solar?
On average, solar will save you 5 cents per kilowatt per hour of power consumed during the day.
What is the process of getting solar and receiving the grant?
When you click on the Greener Home grant button, it will redirect you to the website. You will find information and incentives at the bottom of the page.

To apply, register with your online banking information, a photo of your driver’s license, and your property tax roll number. The application itself should only take you about five minutes!

In the application, you will be prompted to select an energy evaluation company. This is where you will select Evolve Green.

Once your application is evaluated, you will receive a maximum $5000 grant; that’s $1000 per 1000W of solar installed! After you’ve received your grant, contact us for your estimate and installation!

Please note that we require a small deposit to complete your paperwork and conduct a site inspection.

Do you offer financing?
Yes, you can finance your solar project through us.
Is there a warranty?
We offer a five-year warranty on our installation. Most of our inverters and solar panels come with a 25-year warranty.
How reliable is solar power as a backup power source?
Generally speaking, most people use solar back up for the most critical resources in their homes. Sump pumps, freezers, electronics, and communication devices are some good examples.

We can also back up gas heat, propane heat, and wood boilers.

When you need it, solar power backup will be just as efficient as alternative power sources.


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