Growing for You since 1988


Debbie’s Greenhouse and Garden Centre is a garden centre located in Kenora open March 1 until Dec. 23. We love plants and flowers of all kinds, and have been finding new ways to share our love for them over the past 30+ years.

While most of our services are seasonal, we’re always open for business; meaning we can still provide gift certificates and consultations for customized services. When our greenhouse is open we provide locally grown, high quality products and services such as annual, perennial and tropical plants plus trees and shrubs, landscaping, tree planting and custom-made baskets and planters.

We encourage people to have flower gardens to support bees and pollinators, vegetable gardens to teach families to grow their own food, and plant trees to provide shelter for birds, animals and to take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen which benefits the environment. Adding these things to your property increases its value as well as your well-being.

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